Biometric Association Supports Personal Data Protection RUU

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Jakarta: The development of biometric technology in the world and Indonesia requires a clear regulatory framework. Therefore, the Indonesian Biometric Technology Industry Association believes that the bill (RUU) for Personal Data Protection (PDP) is currently being discussed in the DPR and the government on an urgent legal basis.

“We support clear and consistent rules in the field of biometric technology, and the PDP Bill is an important step to develop derivative rules that privacy policy will develop later,” said Secretary-General of the Indonesian Biometric Technology Industry Association Meidy Fitranto at the Association’s virtual launch event held on Saturday 11 September 2021.

Present at the virtual launch event was Minister of Home Affairs Tito Karnavian, Director General of Population and Civil Registry Zudan Arif Fakhrulloh, Main Secretary of the Strategic Intelligence Agency (BAIS) TNI Marsda Jemi Trisonjaya, Deputy Chairman of Commission II DPR-RI Lukman Hakim, and partners from industry associations. Other related.

On occasion, Meidy highlighted the implementation of biometric technology, which has begun to be widely used in Indonesia, ranging from surveillance and security needs to supporting financial inclusion and distribution of social assistance. “With a strong legal framework, there will be clear signs for business actors to provide their services responsibly,” he said, Monday (20/9/2021).

This view is in line with the Chairman of the Indonesian Biometric Technology Industry Association, Fega M. Syakrani. In particular, Fega highlighted the adoption of biometric technology that can help post-pandemic economic recovery. “Various modes of biometric recognition such as fingerprints, retinas, or faces can be a solution to support post-pandemic economic recovery, especially to help with vaccine distribution, as well as support tracing and tracking applications for the spread of Covid-19 for users who do not have a smartphone application or are in areas with networked networks. Low connectivity,” concluded Fega.

Besides being supported by government officials and discussions, the launch of the Association was also attended by members of the Association, namely PT. International Biometrics Indonesia, PT. Nodeflux Technology Indonesia, PT. Cakrawala Data Integration, PT. Aksata Pratama Technology, PT. Jasuindo Tiga Perkasa, Tbk., PT. Solusinet Internusa, PT. Indonesia Digital Identity, and Advance AI Indonesia.

Minister of Home Affairs Tito Karnavian also attended the Indonesian Biometric Technology Industry Association.

Sumber: SindoNews

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