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We offer members of the Biometric Technology Industry Association; information, awards, training, publications, education, and networking opportunities.


Policy advocacy

The Indonesian Biometric Technology Industry Association’s mission is to tackle ID’s complex challenges in Indonesia, ranging from migration to privacy rights. Our role is to promote the responsible use and adoption of modern digital identity systems that enhance people’s lives and drive economic growth.


Education and information

AITB provides authoritative information that explains the advantages of biometric technology-based solutions while defending against inaccurate or misleading reports and helps develop future biometric evolution.


Industrial improv

AITB outreach brings companies, customers, and standards bodies together for meaningful discussions of innovative Biometrics technology-based solutions.


Network opportunities

Join community member companies and make valuable biometric industry connections through the AITB professional network.


Technology Standard

Atasi tren kritis inovasi teknologi Biometrik, globalisasi pasar, dan reformasi peraturan dengan berpartisipasi dalam komite standar teknologi biometrik terakreditasi kami.


Exclusive Research

Get the latest consumer biometric technology research that informs your decisions and drives growth.

Our Activities

AITB effectively acts as an information center in our Community, focusing on biometrics and related issues. We carry out various activities to support the dissemination of this information to the Association and other parties active in the Community


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